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Please don't add me.
Hidden = No thank you

The vintage Max is signed by Blaze and the ghost Tyrant's is signed by Lange. It is unlikely that I will part of either of them so sorry if an offer that looks fair to you ends up rejected.

Serious Sam

12 seconds ago

Selling this items for prices:All normal weps listed for 1 scrap,Bonk for 2 scrap
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George [Rus]

16 seconds ago
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2 Key in the general / 2 ключа за все


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Selling Gift Wrap for 1 key each! A key may be substituted for 8.44 ref.

Trade Me here: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=78131109&token=QUek_sCt


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Selling this Strange Killstreak Silver Botkiller Scattergun Mk.II with the following parts attached:
- Robots Destroyed
- Submerged Enemy Kills
for 1.5 keys (1 key + 4.22 Refined or 12.66 Refined).

2 keys if you pay in items.

Trade Me Here: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=78131109&token=QUek_sCt


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Strange Jarate with Allies Extinguished - 3 ref

Add me or make a trade offer.

George [Rus]

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1.66 each.

All hats/misc are clean/craftable.

Trade Me Here: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=78131109&token=QUek_sCt


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Hi, I'm buying Non-Genuine AWPer Hands for 1.33 refined.

Price is firm :]

Please send me a trade offer if you're interested. I will not accept any adds from private profiles due to the high number of phishers.

George [Rus]

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29 seconds ago

Infestation - 1 key
Papers Please - 1 key
Payday 2 - 2 keys
Gunpoint - 1 key
Goat Simulator - 2 keys

You can add me or send trade offer: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=95578474&token=oDXPkmNq


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1:2(Random Weapons)


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Selling these weapons a scrap each
send trade offer here:


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1:2 12:20


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Welcome to my little game shop!
Offering you some cool games for reasonable and sometimes cheapest prices.
List is alive! Check out time to time trade. May be you will find the game of your dream here next day!
Contact me during sale of your favourite games - you will be able to get it at the lowest possible price!
If you paying with keys (tf2, CSGO), refined (8.66 refs each key) - we deal 100%
If you offering [colo...

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Buying Them 3.66 Each Add Me U Need To Supply Change!


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buying all standard trading cards for 1 scrap ea

foils 2 scrap/1 rec depending on card

trade offer or add me


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Selling CE (Crystal Energy - Spiral Knights currency)
TF2/ CS:GO keys 1350ce each
TF2 refined 150ce each
TF2 craft hats 200ce each
TF2 Bill's Hat 7500ce each
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pure backpack.tf price please


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Accepting only pure metal.

S. Rust Botkiller rocket launcher for 4 ref
S. Rust Botkiller knife w/ Heavies killed part for 3.33 ref
All Father for 8.33 ref
Tour Of Duty Tickets 3.66 ref each
Fortified Compounds 0.22 ref each
Toy Tailor for 1.66 ref
Decal tool for 1 ref
Muskelmannbraun for 1 ref
Australium Gold for 4 ref
Name tags for 3 ref each
Level 69 Indubitably Green Stout Shako for 2.33 ref
#426 Mann Co. Orange Frickin' Sweet Ninja Hood for 5 ref

Trade offers (when o...

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Strange Flame Thrower = 1 ref
OR for AWP


a minute ago

Whalehook has Kills and Kills Meat Hook gems: 5 TF keys
Gleaming Seal: 5 TF keys

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