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"The most advanced Steam trading site"

Built from the ground up in 2012, Bazaar.tf strives to be the best Steam trading platform possible. With our wide array of features and dedicated staff, Bazaar.tf really does live up to its slogan.

All development work on the site and the trading bots was done by Fiskie. The site uses the CakePHP framework.

All design work on the site was done by Accell. The base styling for the site relies on Twitter Bootstrap and Font Awesome.

Zemnmez helps keep the site away from various security flaws. By abusing them.

We use the Backpack.tf API just so you won't have to keep two tabs open.

The community and development of Bazaar.tf is overseen by volunteer staffers who are divided into various ranks, each with their own responsibilities. You should never add a staffer as a friend directly unless you are in need of immediate assistance or the issue is urgent. Remember, we have a support system!


Inu is the current owner of bazaar.tf and handles community and side-wide decisions. His current efforts are mainly focused on deleting anime.


Buddhapest is the developer, maintainer and code-commander of bazaar.tf. It is also confirmed that he develops and hosts bazaar on an old n64 console.


Accell is the former owner of bazaar.tf and the man who saw it all(ha ha, get it?). He designed our beautiful website and built it together with Fiskie. Accell is currently retired from his on-site duties, but he will always be watching(ha ha haha).


The man, the myth, the feline. Fiskie wrote bazaar.tf and brought it to life with Accell. Unfortunately the cat jumped out of the sack and Fiskie stopped his work on bazaar to develop for our friends at backpack.tf.

Other Staff

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