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☆Sentinel Spectre☆

an hour ago
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    I'm auctioning these purple painted Summer Shades!

    Starting bid: 7 ref

    Either me or the winner of the auction will send the trade offer after the auction is over.

    Andrew the owl

    16 hours ago
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                    I didn't responded intime so i will make that auction again
                    (Hats only or str. weapons but allready say the price of hat or weapons)
                    Also the buyout is item that cost 8 ref by price.

                    DaxMarko S>F.Lantern Wraith Wrap

                    19 hours ago
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                      Strange Macaw Masked Rocket Launcher (Field-Tested)
                      Commando grade strange, cheaper option than strange war paint.

                      DaBossBuster |

                      6 hours ago
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                        View high bid (18 hours ago)

                        I'm looking to selling my strange sinner's shade. I am new and would like another hat for my heavy load out as this hat does not match it. However, I put in many hours in order to get it to the strange rank it is right now.

                        VIKING | EST

                        3 hours ago
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                          Specialized Killstreak Bloom Buffed Black Box (Factory New) - team shine

                          Killstreak Woodland Warrior Mk.II Rocket Launcher (Factory New)

                          Specialized Killstreak Macabre Web Mk.II Knife (Factory New) - villainous violet

                          Killstreak Woodsy Widowmaker Mk.II Wrench (Factory New)

                          Second Banana


                          a day ago
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