Learn about our rather extensive feature set - some of it, anyway.

Here at Bazaar.tf, we don't just have one method of trading - we have four. You can identify a trade's type by its icon:



Buy Now

Buy Now

If you're a fan of automated trading, we suggest that you try out Buy Now - there's more about that in the next section.

Buy Now combines the simplicity of a trading site with automated bots which use Steam Trade Offers to transfer items. These look like regular trades, but have a or icon.

All-For-All trades are simply all the items on the left side for all the items on the right side.

Each-For-All trades are a little different - each individual item on the left side is for everything on the right side. You're able to buy more than one item at a time, making it great for bulk selling!

How to buy from one

Tutorial Image 9

1. Click Buy Now (it's the big green button with the words "Buy Now").

Tutorial Image 10

2. Accept the bot's friend request and Trade Offer and you're done.

But wait, there's more! Each-For-All trades have an extra step in between. You will be able to select the items you want and you'll be told how much you need to pay.

How to create one

Tutorial Image 11

1. Create a trade as usual and make sure Buy Now is selected.

Tutorial Image 12

2. Click All-For-All or Each-for-All depending on what you want to do.

Tutorial Image 13

3. Accept the bot's friend request so you can deposit your items.

Tutorial Image 14

4. Accept the Trade Offer so your trade is ready for purchase.

The bots don't trade the items you want right away when you create a trade, of course. Sit back and relax, once someone makes a purchase you'll be immediately notified by the bot (if you still have it added) and you'll get a notification on the site.

If you want to get your items back early, just close the trade and the items will be in your collection box.

Bazaar.tf comes with a lot of features. Here's just a few of them:

Tutorial Image 15

Don't like the colour scheme? Change it!

Tutorial Image 15

Integrated Backpack.tf pricing for TF2.

Tutorial Image 16

A dashboard full of gimmicks and utilities.

There are tons of additional features implemented to tailor the site to your needs. Just check out the Settings panel when you feel like messing about.