A Vacuum Full of Bees

5 years ago
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                                  Looking for offers on these sub-100 craft number items. Already sold Reindoonicorn #12 and Smissmass Wreath #13 for a Bud each. Want list not NECESSARILY for individual items, depending on which items you want. Strange Festives are usually welcome as offers, though only the Sandvich/Huntsman/Grenade Launcher is accepted from the new series. Feel free to add me to discuss, and make sure you mention you saw this trade on Bazaar so I don't get mad at'cha. :)

                                  A Vacuum Full of Bees

                                  5 years ago
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                                                        Buncha stuff for sale. Backpack.tf prices on most, though I'll take a bit off the top for unusuals.

                                                        Only want keys, earbuds, Max Heads, or HOUWAR offers.

                                                        Medal 45 current has an offer of most of a Strange Festive Weapon Set on TF2OP.

                                                        Halloween Unusuals, feel free to offer here for them, but they won't go for real cheap.

                                                        Do not add me, offer here! Thanks.