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Buying any of the listed hats/miscs for 1.33. must be clean (craftable) and unique quality (yellow)
no need to comment on prices. I don't expect to get people interested in selling a lot of these, but it never hurts to list. This is an offer for people looking to quicksell.
If okay with price just add me. If not, comment. These are very mutually exclusive. If you add me and haggle I will remove you instantly.

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All my stuff has labeled prices in my backpack. check there if you want to see my prices. you can also just offer if you want. It's not worth it to keep this price updated since I get almost no business through here.

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just keeping track of dirty items i need. list is not fully complete but is for the most part. feel free to offer.

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making a weapon bundle for my f2p friend. I'm looking for these last 5 and you can have one of my extra weps for each. Dirty or clean, I'm just gonna give them away.

Fluffy Tail Toucher

post your prices. looking for uncrafts, but willing to take cleans since I can usually trade them for dirties.

will trade gogglestashe and idiot box for dirty equivalents, futankhaman for any

Fluffy Tail Toucher

looking for an uncraft cozy camper. Paying a reclaimed.

If you point me to someone selling one and I end up buying it, I'll give you a random weapon.

NOT looking for clean

Fluffy Tail Toucher

looking to trade black for white

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