3 years ago
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                        Saling weapons of various types on different Classes from 7-8 page of my inventory!

                        I have a lot of different weapons (about 100 pcs.).
                        Price: 1 Weapon = 1 scrap or 2 of your crafting (not personal) weapons.

                        Browse reviews in my profile.
                        All offer...

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                        3 years ago

                                Strange SMG (strange part) = 5.44
                                Strange Loose Cannon = 2.3 key (17 ref)

                                Add me or send trade offer.


                                4 years ago
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                                                      Trade weapons for scrap.
                                                      Pick up smth from 5 page of my inventory. One weapon = One scrap, OR Two craft weapons.
                                                      My inventory: http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198015427748