◬ mintvy

3 years ago

                    Blizzardy Storm Bonk Helm - 1.5 Bud

                    Steaming Exquisite Rack - 1 Bud

                    I am looking for an upgrade for my rack. I will not sell the peace rack or the samur eye on their own unless it's all 4:1 for a upgrade to another exquisite rack or it's SUCH an amazing offer that i can't refuse.

                    I will trade you the bonk helm + steaming rack + keys for a max head.

                    Exquisite rack > Pure > Max Head >B.M.O.C + Keys > Soldier > Demoman > Scout > anything else.

                    ◬ mintvy

                    4 years ago

                                Offer below
                                Mostly looking for pure and to upgrade to a better exquisite rack. You might have trouble getting that samur-eye off me though.

                                I will accept overpay and maybe items. Just offer below and If i find your offer interesting i'll add you to discuss further.

                                Exquisite Rack > Pure > Other unusuals + sweets > Max heads. (no level 1 or 7 or duped)