have some pizza

a week ago

                Looking for offers on this classy All-Class Tipper's Hat | Vivid Plasma! I'll take pure, mixed, or just unusuals! Just leave an offer or add me.

                B/O: 75 keys

                have some pizza

                2 months ago

                          Taking offers on this All-Class Cannonball | Vivid Plasma! Looking for offers around 66 keys in pure or overpay in unusuals!

                          B/O: 72 keys.

                          have some pizza

                          3 months ago

                              Deep blue fade, looks great in game. 55 keys in pure, or something around that in other mixed offers.

                              Also accepting australium weapons.

                              You can add me to offer something to me, but if your profile is private, I will not add you back. If you plan on adding me, also leave a post on this trade.