3 years ago

        Looking for a strange degreaser with Spectral Flames spell

        Add me to discuss


        3 years ago
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                              Looking for Metal/Keys/Tickets

                              Don't want other fabricators

                              Do not add me offer here.

                              Currently Have:

                              Professional Killstreak Candy Cane Kit Fabricator: Killstreaker (Incinerator, Sheen: Agonizing Emerald)
                              Professional Killstreak Holiday Punch Kit: Killstreaker (Singularity, Sheen: Villainous Violet)
                              Professional Killstreak Widowmaker Kit (Killstreaker: Incinerator, Sheen: Manndarin)

                              Specialized Killstreak Ham Shank Kit (Sheen: Team Shine)
                              Specialized Killstreak SMG Kit (Sheen: Hot Rod)
                              Specialized Kil...

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