3 years ago
    • x36

      Looking for 36 keys for this. Don't add me unless you're paying the Buyout, and offer below if you want to throw me something else.


      4 years ago

            My first unusual unbox! It's tradable on the 27th!

            Offer below! And please don't add me! I love All-class Unusuals!

            -God-Tier effect

            -Mid-Tier Hat

            -Checks are for fags

            -What's not to like?


            Current Offer: Green Energy Killer's Kabuto

            TF2Outpost Trade:


            4 years ago

                                  Selling these items! Add me if you agree with my price, if not, offer below!

                                  Genuine Doe-Boy (x1) - 1.33 Refined

                                  Honcho's Headgear (x1) - 1.66 Refined

                                  Genuine Person in the Iron Mask (x1) - 2 Refined

                                  Strange Gold Botkiller Stickybomb Launcher MK.I (x1) - 3 Keys

                                  Hustler's Hallmark (x1) - 1.66 Refined

                                  Tough Guy's Toque (x1) - 1.66 Refined

                                  Genuine Anger (x1) - 1 Key

                                  If you're paying in items, offer below before adding me! Thanks!


                                  5 years ago
                                      • x10

                                          I am trading an Unusual Stormy Storm Killer Exclusive!

                                          Offer on it below!

                                          Overpay in Unusuals!

                                          DO NOT ADD ME!

                                          Have fun!