Alabaster Leech

3 years ago
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                        I'm selling this stuff.
                        For prices, just look at backpack. I do understand that there are people who hold the belief that backpack can be inaccurate or stupid or bad. Because of this, all prices are negotiable except for weapons which remain a scrap.

                        Feel free to post an offer here.

                        Alabaster Leech

                        4 years ago
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                                              Hello all! I'd like to try something a little bit new.

                                              I'm going to be offline playing Pokemon/doing yard work pretty soon so here's what I'd like you to do.

                                              If you see something you want, head over to my profile and send a friend request. When I walk by my computer I"ll ad you back and you can leave a trade offer of a reasonable price. If I agree to your reasonable price I'll accept your offer and remove the item from the trade. If I'm online though, feel free to just message me. If I don't respond ...

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