6 months ago
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                        Selling some hats for backpack.tf prices, or straight trade for hat of equal or more value (leave an offer)
                        Taking offers on the weapons (all painted)


                        3 years ago

                                                Smoking Skid Lid for 4.66 refined or 1:1 offer of NEW misc/hat
                                                The Combustible Kabuto for 3 refined or 1:1 offer on NEW misc/hat
                                                Vive La France for 1 key or 2 NEW misc/hats
                                                Joe-on-the-Go 2.66 ref or 1:1 offer of ANY other misc/hat (don't play much engi and this item creeps me out)

                                                I will add if i agree! Thank you for your time!! ;D


                                                4 years ago

                                                    This is a test