a year ago
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          Selling the Unsual Orbiting Fire Doctor's Sack (Not Clean) for 8 Keys pur or for 10 Keys in Items or for 11 Keys in Unsual

          Send me a Trade Offer or add me if there's something to discuss

          Have a good Day


          a year ago

                15 Keys Pure
                +2 Key Overpay through Items

                Send me Nudes your Trade Offer here:

                or add me if it's really THAT necessary:


                a year ago

                        Yo, I'm selling my two Unusuals for Prices, that means:

                        Green Confetti Geisha Boy = 12 Keys
                        Cloud 9 Stately Steel Toe = 10 Keys

                        I'm alright with Unusuals Overpays too (2% Overpay)

                        Send me a Trade Offer:
                        Or add me if you want to discuss a bit with me:

                        Have good Day, Folks


                        2 years ago