big men

4 years ago
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                    Buying unusuals i have 37 keys!

                    big men

                    5 years ago
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                              Taking offers on this beautiful non duped Milkman!

                              B/o 2,2 pure, 3+ in unusuals

                              C/o Lantern pugilist +strange wrap assasin (meh) by

                              Polycount hat with probably the best set benefit. Looks awesome.

                              Pls follow these rules!

                              1°Do not offer cancers,only with HIGH tier effects

                              2°All classes are welcome,but dont think i will take anything

                              3°NO LOWBALLLLLLSSSSS

                              4°You can add me to offer if you like.

                              I preffer soldier...

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                              big men

                              5 years ago
                                  • #13550

                                                    The mutton man=1 key /3.11 ref

                                                    Bow tie=3 ref /i don want keys on this one**

                                                    festive axe =2 keys /6.22 ref

                                                    Add me for a fast trade!

                                                    big men

                                                    5 years ago
                                                        • #11736

                                                            3:1 to a key

                                                            big men

                                                            5 years ago

                                                                                      Looking for offers in keys/metal NO EERIE KEYS PLEASE.

                                                                                      Offer here thanks.

                                                                                      big men

                                                                                      5 years ago

                                                                                                          kringle>>6 keys

                                                                                                          strange widow maker>>12 keys