Sir Zeph

5 years ago
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          Buying a fall key at 2 USD via PayPal.
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          Sir Zeph

          5 years ago
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                            Seling my Craft #65 Quackenbirdt.

                            Offer below!

                            B/O: 1 Bud

                            Sir Zeph

                            5 years ago

                                                            Buying Quicksell Unusuals!

                                                            A quicksell means 25% off your unusuals!

                                                            Paying in a mixture of metals and items!

                                                            Buds: 26 Keys

                                                            NOTE: The more discounted your hat is, the more interested I will be in your unusuals!

                                                            Please follow this format when you post, it makes it easier to asses your offer.

                                                            Hat: Texas Ten Gallon
                                                            Effect: Circling Heart
                                                            Level: 50
                                                            Status: Clean
                                                            Buyout: 3.5 Buds.
                                                            Quicksell Price: 1.75 Buds (50%)

                                                            In Stock: 0.5 Bud worth of it...

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                                                            Sir Zeph

                                                            5 years ago

                                                                Buying a fall key for 2 USD through PayPal.

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