2 years ago

          1/3 in the world, only one for sale. Clean and 2nd gen. 17 keys or 1 buds + 4 keys.


          3 years ago

                      Hey selling this unusual Handyman's Handle for 17 keys pure or offers, use this trade offer link: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=120771219&token=Lmg6RTqm


                      3 years ago
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                                              Hey, I am selling these miscs and hats for the bp.tf higher price.
                                              If there's a paint, add the half price of the paint.
                                              I accept PURE ONLY.
                                              Have a nice day~


                                              3 years ago
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                                                                              Dead Cone: 1.33 in pure or 2 ref in items.

                                                                              HazMat Headcase painted: 2.33 in pure or 3 ref in items.

                                                                              Prince Tavish's Crown: 2 in pure or 3 ref in items.

                                                                              Gaelic Golf Bag painted: 2.33 in pure or 3.33 ref in items.

                                                                              Front Runner: 1.66 in pure or 2.33 in items.

                                                                              Napper's Respite: 2 in pure or 2.66 in items.

                                                                              Cuban Bristle Crisis: 3.66 in pure or 5 ref in items.

                                                                              The Blood Banker: 7 in pure or 8.44 in items.

                                                                              The cool Cat Cardigan: 6 in pure or 7.66 in items.

                                                                              Have a nice day...

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                                                                              3 years ago
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                                                                                              Hi people.
                                                                                              Today I am selling a clean Blood Banker for the price of 7 refined metal.
                                                                                              So add me or send a trade offer if I am not online.
                                                                                              Pure only.


                                                                                              3 years ago

                                                                                                            Selling this bill's thing for 6 keys.
                                                                                                            Add me.