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a month ago
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                Strange Spec Ks Huolong Heater
                Sheen: Mean Green
                Strange Status: Spectacularly Lethal (324 kills)
                Strange Part: Not Crits Nor Mini-crits Kills (302 kills)
                Price: offer anything worth over 1 key

                Strange Spec Ks Third Degree
                Sheen: Manndarine
                Strange Status: Scarcely Lethal (27 kills)
                Price: 15 ref

                Strange Killstreak Beggar's Bazooka
                Sheen: Mean green
                Strange Status: Scarcely Lethal (43 kills)

                Spec Ks Wrench
                Fyi: it tracks sentry, wrangler and wrench kills
                Sheen: Manndarine
                Grade: Mercenary
                Skin: Airwolf ...

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