2 years ago
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                    Hello Hello Hello fellow traders :D

                    Selling this god tier unusual for cheap. Burning Flames Tavish DeGroot Experience!

                    Bible tf says 425 Keys I will sell for around 350 Keys pure in TF2 items BUT
                    I am really looking for CSGO Skins, Knives, Keys. These items will be treated better than pure and will earn you a much bigger discount!

                    Add me! Offer me! Leave a message here!
                    happy trading :)


                    2 years ago
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                                      DISCOUNTED - Selling for Cheap Cheap!

                                      Other seller selling at 90. I will sell at 80 Tf2 keys or less.

                                      If paying in CSGO keys / items you will be granted an even bigger discount.

                                      Offer me, Add me, respond here. I dont care

                                      happy trading.