5 years ago #T373
|steamID: Riys
|steamID32: STEAM_0:1:52559350
|steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198065384429
|customURL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Riys
|steamrepURL: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198065384429

Hey there, my name is Riys.
in case you're wondering, its pronounced as tou(ris)t, or Riys as in "Kyle (Reese)".
I've done some cash trades, still buying/selling and will be doing more in the future :)

{Be careful of IMPERSONATORS of me like this guy:

I Buy/Sell - Keys/Metal.



5 years ago #1958
He bought 7 keys for $ via paypal +rep

User ribbon anime dipshit

5 years ago #1959
Bought 27 ref from him, I went first and he delivered soon after, +rep.


5 years ago #1960
I sold 17 refined for $ via Paypal to him. Polite, honest and nice trader. +rep


5 years ago #1961
I sold him 7,55 refineds for $ via Paypal. He went first, nice trader. +rep

Man in White

5 years ago #1962
Sold 2 keys and 13 ref via PayPal. I went first. +rep


5 years ago #1963
sold me 4 keys, he went first. ++++++rep


5 years ago #1981
Sold him 35 refined via Paypal. He went first. Good guy to talk to :) Thanks again +REP


5 years ago #1985
sold 4 refined via Paypal. +REP


5 years ago #1986
sold 6 ref to him. He went first +rep!

somebody toucha my ham

5 years ago #1987
Sold 5 ref to him on one occasion and sold 4 keys to him on another. Went first both times and is a reputable trader. +rep


5 years ago #1988
+rep bought 7 keys through paypal


5 years ago #1994
bought 4keys from me with paypal money, very patient trader. +rep


5 years ago #1999
Bought 3 keys from him with paypal money, I went first, fast and trustworthy +rep

Woifi The Smiling Viking

5 years ago #2001
+rep bought 15 keys from him through paypal. He went first.

Conan the Vegetarian

5 years ago #2010
Sold some ref and keys. He went first. Nice guy


5 years ago #2011
Bought a few ref.


5 years ago #2013
Bought 4 keys via paypal!
+ rep!
Very kind and nice to talk to! Would trade with again!


5 years ago #2015
Bought 10 ref via paypal


5 years ago #2023
sold him 2 bill's hat he went first nice trader


5 years ago #2048
Bought 20 ref'd from Riys

All went smoothly

Would trade again :D
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