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2 months ago #116738

Be nice to people?
Turn 4 lethal?

User ribbon Rez <<buying invs.>>

2 weeks ago #116841
2 months since the last post!?

Anyways, here's some free packs you can get if you haven't played the game on an Android before. (worked for me)

See here:

User ribbon Angry Rock

2 weeks ago #116842
Ded website

Anyway what does everyone think of knights of the frozen throne? It's nice that you get a bunch of cards but the new set doesn't look too interesting to me so far, maybe the new hero cards will make up for it.

User ribbon ༺ buddhapest ༻

2 weeks ago #116843
it's going to be hard to beat Un'goro which was by far the best meta since I started playing. but yes, so far I'm not particularly excited about the cards.
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