10 months ago #T8395
Well..i've bidded in 2 auctions and both of it has ended with me being highest bidder(in 1,i am the only bidder) and now it's at the 'waiting for auctioneer' part but it's been days and they havent gone to the trade.So im not entitled to trade them for the items,and i have to keep my items that i bidded until the day they decide to check the trade?(or retract my offer n lose rep?)

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10 months ago #116496
if the timer is done, you should try contacting the auctioneer. Go to his steam profile and add him and/or send a trade offer if you can. Also, at this stage you can't retract your bid because the timer is set to 0, it's only waiting for the auctioneer to come back and check his profile so he has time to mark a new bid if he hasn't seen it.

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10 months ago #116497
i think its fair to report it to bazaar admins after a few days with no response from the inattentive seller...
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