Boxxy <3

8 months ago #T8419
I honestly don't feel like it's needed to charge for things like this. I'll do just about everything for free but if you ask for some extravagant crazy thing you'll have to pay up.

Just tell me the stuff below and I'll get on it ye.

- Map:
- Class:
- Cosmetics/Weapons/Effects:
- Team:
- Pose:

Mister F Evil Lord

6 months ago #116654

I am designing a summercamp game with the tf2 characters. I used the 9 classes, the Guard dog, merasmus... But I think that I could use more characters, but not characters with other weapon or cosmetics. Tf2 characters have a lot of personality, and I need, for my game, that every character seems unique in his way.

So, l would like to ask you a FAT COP engineer, as, beeing an engineer, it feels very different from the vanilla engineer. His face is different, his hat, is fat as a fat cop can be, so is funny to see.

Map: An urban map, not dark.
class: engineer
Cosmetics: Level Three Chin (MUST HAVE), Egghead's Overalls (OR Holstered Heaters, your choice), a policeman hat (THE LAW) with Macho Mann, (or Conagher's Combover directly, although the police hat is nice, anyway, he need sunglasses), COP CALLER, Dry Gulch Gulp, roboot (or Flared Frontiersman or Lonesome Loafers, if able). I don´t know i all this cosmetics can be combined or not. If not, you can choice. Ah, and a medal in his chest, like every policeman should have (could be Tournament Medal - OWL 11 6vs6 Tournament).
Weapon: Gunslinger, to avoid the yellow glove (must), and panick attack or a pistol (luggermorf or the classic).
Team: erm... I need a policeman for the blu team, and a police man for the red team, in the same pose, for the game. I you can't do both, I can change the color in photoshop, so in that case I would prefer the red team.
Pose: like here (, o here ( He must appear with all the body. His position in the picture, something like the sniper in this picture:
Or better, if you can, in the Rancho relaxo.


Pd: Can you make posters of the deathmatch mercenary or the civilian? or merasmus? or the doomguy?
Pd2: Can you make a poster of one class with weapons of another class (like the soldier with a shield of the demoknight, or the civilian with guns)? if you can, I would like the policeman with a swat shield, like The Assault and Battering Ram, from the tf2 workshop, along with some kevlar).
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