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Hello Hello!

As of today, I'm reopening my service for SFM posters, under a new name! Some of you may recognize my stuff.
After a long, long 2 year hiatus, I'm back, with better quality stuff!

I'm willing to do any and all posters related to TF2, CSGO, Overwatch, etc etc! If it has a source engine model, I'll work with it.
Now I'm sure you're wondering what I'm able to offer. Check out these examples from my recent works:

Want to see more? Have a look at my Steam artwork page

Non-TF2 commissions are NOT more expensive, they all follow the same rules. What rules? These rules:

The base price for each poster is $2.75, or one key from any valve game. If you decide to pay only in refined, I'll have to ask for a VERY small overpay.

That will cover:
-One Character
-A basic background (see examples #1, #2 and #3)
-Basic post processing via Photoshop

Paid extras include:

*Extra characters:
$0.75 (10 ref) for the first, $25 (4 ref) for each extra.

*Artistic backgrounds (See example #4)
$0.75 (10 ref) flat extra.

So, by following these numbers, the examples given would cost:
#1,2 and 4: $2.75 (or one key)
#3: $3.25 (or one key and 10 ref)

And how exactly will you be paying for these? It'll be your choice between:
-A mixture of Keys and Refined

If you decide to use paypal, please inform me your e-mail so I can verify it's your payment (there will be a field for it in my request form)
I'm totally open to negotiations, as long as that negotiation isnt "can I pay you 40 uncraftables"

Now that all that is out of the way;


Fill out form
Add me on steam

And that's it.
If I'm not horribly busy with IRL appointments, I'll get started with your request as soon as you have me added on Steam.

Have a great day, and please tell your friends about me! ♥
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