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3 months ago #T8981
Valve is hard at work on TF2 Mannpower Mode!

- Added AsiaFortress Cup Season 11 tournament medals
- Added the Chapelaria Ultiduo Season 1 tournament medals
- Added the TFCL 6v6 Alpha and Season 2 tournament medals
- Added the TFCL Ultiduo Alpha, Season 2, and Season 3 tournament medals
- Added the Blapature Co. Contributor 2017 community event medal
- Added the TF2Maps 72hr TF2Jam Summer Participant 2017 community medal
- Fixed a server crash related to vote-kick
- Fixed a client crash related to previewing bundles in the Mann Co. Store
- Fixed being able to accept a duel request during the round-end bonus time
- Fixed rockets fired by Halloween bosses not displaying particle effects if Halloween is not active (community request)
- Strange Soda Poppers can now accept Critical Kills strange parts
- Updated the localization files
- Mannpower update
- All-class
- Players can no longer taunt when grappled to an enemy (you can still taunt if an enemy has grappled to you)
- Players can no longer grapple while frozen before a round starts or while stunned
- Fixed not equipping the grapple when accepting the prompt about equipping it
- Engineer
- Halved the number of wrench hits needed to upgrade buildings
- Pyro
- Reduced grapple movement speed when hooked into another player because of their advantage in close quarters
- Reduced the rate of rage gain when carrying a powerup
- Agility
- Reduced grapple movement speed bonus when carrying the intelligence
- Knockout
- Reduced melee damage bonus
- Updated health bonus per class
- Spy, Sniper, Engineer, Scout, and Heavy increased
- Medic, Soldier, and Demoman unchanged
- Pyro and Demoknight decreased
- Precision
- Removed radius damage falloff on explosive projectiles
- Removed self-blast damage
- Resistance and Vampire
- Added immunity to reflect damage
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