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 Hello! I am Suffy, SFM expert in poster making and edit. You can see that for yourself by searching my Steam profile (currently 1300Hrs+ on SFM). Enough with the presentation, lets go to the stuff:

!!!PAY UP FIRST!!! (this is to avoid scammers) Prices: 
• $10~ (U.S. dollars) or 5~ TF2/CSGO keys per Art Poster.
• $5~ or 3~ TF2/CSGO keys per Normal Poster.
• $3 or 2~ keys per Basic Poster
p.s: ~ = Price may change. 
In money you can pay me upfront via Paypal. Here's the e-mail: [email protected]

If you think the price is too high, that's absolutely fine. On my perspective, this is to make the time making those valuable (since I do these on my freetime, even on my irl work office).
If you can't pay for them, I can even sugest some other artists to you.


Whats the difference between these posters?
• Art Posters have handmade details on the post edit, and/or use of advanced composition;
• Normal Posters have a more simple post edit;
• Basic Posters only use stock poses, but the same quality of edit from the normal ones.

Examples :

(Note that these are a tiny-bit outdated, since I stopped doing these around 2015~, you can be sure that they are even better now).

What do I need to get some of these, daddy? 
• Add me;
• Send me what kind of poster you want, with loadout details, map, pose (if theres one in special);
• Yes, I can do posters with custom models or from other games (if available for SFM), and this includes Overwatch, CS:GO, and if you want, NSFW posters too (price may go higher).
Another notes: 
• Stock posing only on basic posters;
• I can do Killstreak Effects and Sheens (sheens may not work in some weapons);
• I can show you the process of the poster making;
• If I post your commissioned somewhere, it will have an Watermark to avoid any kind of steal;
• Keep in mind that I do the services on my free time, so I can delay sometimes;
• No refunds after the process start.
That's it! Thanks for the attention and for your visit! <3


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Updated example of Art Poster (made today)


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Bump and prices update.


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