Ugandan Knuckles

4 months ago #T8997

Okay, what happened to me is that I entered to check on my offers when I noticed that a person called "Slapstick Salami" referred me and that I earned credit for that, though the user isn't friended with me. I asked him in Steam (on his profile) if he did that intentionally and he said that he has no idea how that happened. I asked him then if I should report it, he said that I can, so here we are!

Proof (screenshots):
Proof of him referring me (while this thread was being made :D)
Proof of him saying he never did the refer (Steam)

Stay happy!

- Dammit, Hoji, no bad jokes!


4 months ago #116882
He did not refer you, you referred him. Silent referral, as he visited the site via link to your trade.

Ugandan Knuckles

4 months ago #116883
Ah, okay. That explains things. Thanks! :3

(Idk how to close this, so I'll just leave it like this, but I got the answer.)
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