4 months ago #T9003
to get and idea of the type of art i make before we continue:

all i need is for you is to say what you want in the comments/dm's
1. map
2. character
3. position
4. cosmetics
5. pretty much just say what you want on the center shot (needed) and in the background (optional)
6. ect
(just to add i wont expect you to pay but if you feel I've done very well tips are always appreciated)

Haise_Osore_14 | trade.tf

3 months ago #116894
3.Going out of the right gate (Blue)
Cut Throat Concierge
Casa Nostra Cap
Reader's choice
5. The spy
Maybe some other mercs fighting?
6.He must be coming out of the gate with a big earner out
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