4 months ago #T9008
so i made an auction, and i sent the winner the trade offer as soon as it was over. its been 24 hrs and he has not accepted (he hasnt been online in 24 hrs, i was going to wait 24 hrs after hes been online, but still wanna know the answer). how long is a fair time limit do we have before its ok for me to cancel the trade offer and start the auction over.

ive noticed that these forums are well DED. so he might come online and accept the trade offer before a reply, but i would still like an answer

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4 months ago #116899
honestly, it's really up to you - i used to give folks a couple of days before marking them as lame ;)

i would say 24 hours is reasonable - if you make an auction or win one it's really your responsibility to complete the transaction.
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