4 months ago #T9018
Hey,I have a strange grenade launcher attached with a strange part building destroyed ,in it shows 10.41,but in"s shows about 31.26 ref (at new trade section).pls tell me which one is actually the correct 1.Thanks


4 months ago #116954
Bazaar probably includes half of the value of the strange part on it, where might not.
Rule of thumb for strange weapons with parts: value of strange weapon + half of the value of strange parts applied.


4 months ago #116956
So which price should I follow?

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4 months ago #116959
the buyer will usually be the one to value the part - the formula we use is the old formula - they've changed theirs at some point.

remember, we list the prices as a convenience, a quick tool - we don't set prices.


4 months ago #116960
okie thanks for your help :)
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