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a week ago #117007
yout image has a privacy error but yup i think i know the problem you are getting
Every single tf2 item is shown as a tf2 logo question mark and when hovering above says unknown item


a week ago #117008
same issue here

hi itstumbler

*Prawn_SOUP*| trade.tf

a week ago #117009
i might need to cancle my auction cuz people dont know what the tem is;/


3 days ago #117016
I'm on mobile and I'm getting the same issue.


3 days ago #117018
still getting it also on pc (chrome).

User ribbon ༺ buddhapest ༻

2 days ago #117022
sorry about the delays y'all - and thanks for those who posted tickets - i thought i fixed it when it happened but it recurred just minutes after the fix. yeesh


a day ago #117023
and here we go again... seems that bug returns daily now
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