5 months ago #T9037
Greetings and welcome,

Have a killer loadout or an awesome wallpaper idea that you just want framed? I'm here to help ;)

Yes a price, but you do not have to pay first. I take a while in photoediting. I am no ordinary sfm boi that puts a few models in front of the camera with a light and call it a day.

So want to know my level? See my artwork, my best work is there at http://steamcommunity.com/id/Leon_Neko1/images/

Depending on your request I'd charge 70c to €4 per completed wallpaper.

Ofcourse you'd want to know how this would work....

1. You add me and tell me your amazing idea or loadout.
2. I begin to create it giving updates of what's happening in SFM.
3. Once I finish the SFM stage of it I usually take just as long in photoediting.
4. Once It's complete I'll send you an image of a watermarked version, this way you see what you're going to get without paying first.
5. When satisfied you then pay the requested amount and I send you the image without it's watermark.
6. Magic.

Begin sending those requests and have a nice day :)
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