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5 months ago #T9045
i pre-ordered it and this weekend there's a stress test - my buddy Rewtrium and I played for about an hour today - it was _amazing_!

User ribbon Rez

4 months ago #117109
Looks kind of awesome. Especially the swimming in the ocean. (waves sloshing around)

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4 months ago #117110
it's a very nice casual game where you're not constantly competing or struggling or solving puzzles. and they absolutely nail the atmosphere. from storms to the Aurora Borealis and the incredible water, to the amazing sound and the thrill of seeing a sail on the horizon.

User ribbon Angry rock

4 months ago #117117
I'm hyped for it but I heard that it's lacking in content and that if they worked on it for half a year longer it would be complete, will wait longer before I decide whether to purchase or not.

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4 months ago #117118
ya, i have a feeling it'll be weak on content at the start - i'm hoping that the players make the game interesting (like in any proper multi-player game)
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