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Hi, I have some doubt about the price of items (painted ones or with parts) is different from
for example today I saw a "brootherhood of arms - pink as hell", with a reported price of 1.53/1.54 keys. Checking on the guy's inventory on the price is different: 17 ref.
It seems like use price added with half of the parts attacked or paint used. In this case pink as hell value is 2.55, half is 1.25~ + 17ref = 1.53k~.

Unfortunately most doesn't care of this extra value, and will pay the same price if the item is painted or not.

I'm correct or i missing something??

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6 months ago #117137 used to value strange parts and paints at 1/2 their price one applied.

this was the guideline most traders used for years. sometime last year decided to change this. strange parts are now valued at 1/10th the price and paints at 1/5th. the change was silent and arbitrary.

in the end the value of strange parts and paints it's subjective and no simple formula will ever work consistently. for example, critical kills on a strange fire axe is silly (critical kills will only happen randomly), but the same part on the frontier justice is a perfect fit (revenge crits).

same with paints, some items allow paints over a large area (e.g Vintage Merryweather), others as something tiny like a strap (e.g. Hong Kong Cone)

so in the end the seller and buyer need to agree on what the part/paint is actually worth on the particular item.


6 months ago #117138
seems reasonable, however, I think should follow rules, especially for new traders like me. In fact, in the previous example, I feel like I always profit from a trade cause the trader sold it at price of, instead, the tooltip area, give a major price for the same item.

For now as a general rule, until i get more experienced, i will not buy painted items, cause as you said both traders should agree on the correct value... and for me it's to risky at moment..

So if you have any suggestion to give me i think i'm fine with the answer. Don't know if here there is a solved tag for thereads.

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6 months ago #117139
i could and should change the formula but i strongly dislike how much power yields over pricing. their change was totally arbitrary.


6 months ago #117140
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i could and should change the formula but i strongly dislike how much power yields over pricing. their change was totally arbitrary.

add it as a option, i know a bit of javascript, so i don't think it should be a problem... are just few lines of code. Have a settings that turn it on and off could be helpfull.

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6 months ago #117141
this isn't a coding issue. ideally we should display the price of the item + the price of each part separately, but bazaar isn't a pricing site. adding an option is a bit more than "i know a bit of javascript" - there would need to be a possibly intrusive option on each item or a per user option which would need to be stored in the database. no way am i doing that for something so stupid.

i'll probably adjust the pricing to match's when i get bored.
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