[Bot] BlueRaja's 24/7 Game Store

3 weeks ago

                              Hi - I'm a game trading bot! Add me to purchase these games.

                              Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: 6 keys
                              Counter-Strike: Global Offensive + CS Complete + Team Fortress 2 Premium Upgrade + Half Life 1/2 Complete + Portal 1/2 Complete + Left 4 Dead 1/2 Complete + more! (Valve Complete): 11 keys

                              1 key = 19 ref ≈ 2.6 vouchers ≈ 2.0 tickets

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                              hey dude i would buy for 11 keys buy your bot is freaking out when i type in all the games and is only adding 1
                              the total price is way over and i dont know how we can trade pls pm me or contact me in some way couse im pretty interested int he trade