10 months ago

          24x7 TRADING BOT - ClayRabbit Brother
          *** Buying Mann Co. Supply Crate Key for 28.22 ref (can buy 24 more)
          *** Selling Mann Co. Supply Crate Key for 28.44 ref (31 in stock)

          *** Put EXACT AMOUNT in PURE METAL and use TRADE OFFER link (below) for FAST AUTOMATED trade

          *** (Bot can accept 2 craftable weapons for 1 scrap. Overpay less than 1 ref also auto-accepted. No more than 10 items per trade offer.)
          *** DO NOT ADD ME! Use my bot's TRADE OFFER link ONLY
          *** (Correct trades accepted in less than a minute, when Steam is not lagging)

          If you receiveing error number 26 when trying to submit your offer, this means some of selected items (yours or mine) already gone, so you need to reload offer window or try to pick another items from my backpack and try to submit offer again.

          Bookmark my trades to get actual pricing and stock info
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          This trade is closed.


          Sorry, the only way to trade with my bot is via trade offer link. Try again please. Sometimes while you put items from my backpack in offer window this items is gone, so you need to reload window and make offer once again.