3 months ago

                      Hey mate, are you tired of TF2 and thinking about to quit for good ??? Then you are in the right place :)
                      Im offering my services to buy your full backpack in exchange of TF2 keys.
                      Since you will get insta pure if you deal with me and without to forget that it takes a lot of time and effort to re-sell all the items, im expecting to get a 30% off on the total value of your bp according to
                      Also open to negociation ;)

                      1- Backpack value > 100$
                      2- The unusual hat part shouldnt be more than 20% (open for discussion)
                      3- Please dont random add me
                      4- Leave a comment below with your link and how much you are looking for

                      If you looking for cash offer via PayPal, then you can request a quote HERE

                      Keys stock = 232 CSGO

                      Backpack's value Purchased: 3609$ :D

                      Happy customers = 16 :D

                      Thanks for your interest

                      This trade is closed.