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an hour ago

                                            greetings and salutations :horns:

                                            so i've got some games i was gonna install at one time or another. i might just sell them if you offer right - please don't add me tho. these were purchased in the U.S. Steam Store

                                            recently added: Silent Age, Frozen Synapse: Complete Bundle, Rockets Rockets Rockets, Memoria, Detective Grimoire, Daedelic Adventure Bundle

                                            sold: Tomb Raider (2013), Beat Hazard, Limbo, Rock of Ages, Walking Dead 1&2, Fallout LV, Natural Selection, Can't Stop Laughing Bundle, 2 copies of FTL, 3 copies of Payday 2, Saints Row IV, Hitman Absolution, Hitman Absolution: Elite (ROW)


                                            games i am definitely willing to sell:

                                            Binding of Isaac: 1 key and i give you back 1 refined
                                            Alan Wake Franchise: 3 keys
                                            Nuclear Dawn: 2 keys
                                            Brothers: 2 keys
                                            Beat Hazard: 1 key
                                            Trine 2: 2 keys
                                            Child of Light: 2 keys
                                            Shadow Warrior: 2 keys
                                            Hatoful Boyfriend: 2 keys
                                            Payday 2: 3 keys, 3 refined
                                            Rockets Rockets Rockets: 1 key
                                            Silent Age: 2 keys
                                            Frozen Synapse: Complete Bundle: 2 keys
                                            Memoria: 2 keys
                                            Daedelic Adventure Bundle: 3 keys

                                            games i might keep for myself but if you're interested, let me know anyway:

                                            F1 2013 ROW: 5 keys + 5 refined
                                            Transistor: 4 keys
                                            Endless Space: 3 keys
                                            Metro Redux Bundle: 5 keys
                                            Apotheon: 2 keys
                                            Contrast: 2 keys
                                            Among the Sleep: 3 keys
                                            Talos Principle: 4 keys
                                            Detective Grimoire: 1 key

                                            offers i'm not interested in: other games

                                            no need to tell that me that you can get some of the games cheaper somewhere else. in some cases, it's true. so just buy from that person instead. the prices i've listed are ones that make sense to me. if i can't get the price i'm asking i'd rather keep the game to give away as a gift to a friend on their birthday or something.

                                            ~bp :HangingController: