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9 hours ago

                      I am offering the service to make COLOR IMAGES on an objector or Flair! FOR FREE
                      greedy people be charging a few scrap. booooo

                      You must supply the decal tool and item to me, along with the image in some form of safe link (Puush, imgur, etc)
                      The image will have to be cropped to a smaller size, and I request that it should be as square as possible, but I am willing to crop images a bit. I will also send a "final" version of the cropped image to you via Puush or imgur, but only if requested ahead of time.
                      Should take only about 2-5 Minutes depending on the image and/or item servers.

                      I normally try to keep some extra tools around, so if you are missing one part I might be able to charge you for that item.

                      Premade Monster Musume (Really ecchi anime) images are available here for you weebs


                      below you accepted the communist stalin picture but not this one found it odd
                      so why not the national socialist party?
                      they're both tyranical partys?
                      is this discrimination?

                      Sweet Tee

                      Oh ok thanks, I will! And ahh ok, no worries, I don't even know exactly what I want yet, so it might be a while before I make a request lol


                      This Guys Is Not A Scammer He Is Legit He Helped Me With 2 Of My Objector's
                      And 1 of them had professional Killstreak on it you can trust him 100% if you dont ill show you my objector's myself! (In Game Im Saying)