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4 hours ago

                          Heyyo! Pope Squidly here! (revamping the trade again so hehe)

                          COLORING ALL ITEMS! WE GOT YAH COVERED YALL!

                          This is a service, a FREE service!

                          I am happy to color any objector (Or Flair, Clan Pride, or even a photo badge) within a set of rules on the image of course, for free!
                          Jerks be charging like, a few reclaimed metal or something

                          I will not be coloring images that are...
                          - Racist
                          - Anti LGBT
                          - Bigotry
                          - Porn (Hentai is allowed)

                          How It Works -
                          1 - You trade me the decal tool and item via Trade Offer, and then ADD ME AT THE SAME TIME (I need to return the stuff people)
                          2- Present the image via direct link (I prefer Imgur or puush) and please MAKE IT 128x128 OR AS SQUARE AS POSSIBLE
                          3 - I will apply the image onto the item(s)
                          4 - I trade it back (Should only take like, 2-3 minutes)

                          I do normally like to keep a few decal tools on me, so if you are missing some, ill charge price.

                          If you have questions please post below! I am also a working college student, so don't expect me to pop it on in an instant... but hey pay in time instead of metal!


                          below you accepted the communist stalin picture but not this one found it odd
                          so why not the national socialist party?
                          they're both tyranical partys?
                          is this discrimination?

                          Sweet Tee

                          Oh ok thanks, I will! And ahh ok, no worries, I don't even know exactly what I want yet, so it might be a while before I make a request lol


                          This Guys Is Not A Scammer He Is Legit He Helped Me With 2 Of My Objector's
                          And 1 of them had professional Killstreak on it you can trust him 100% if you dont ill show you my objector's myself! (In Game Im Saying)