2 years ago

            Hello! I have a Warframe account that is loaded and packed with a ton of stuff and I'm wanting to trade it over for some nice CS:GO skins and such. I finally decided that I don't play enough anymore so why not trade up to something really nice in CS:GO to enjoy! If you have any questions or are interested. You can message ツExpKiller(TradingKnife!) Or you can send me a trade offer and I will message you so we can discuss it. Thank you very much!

            I have some Prime Access packs already bought, I have all frames up to date with Trinity Prime and a lot of forma and weapons that those forma are into. Plus some platinum! For more specific info. Add me and I'll message you right back!


            I saw you got 488 Gems.

            I can offer you 7 scrap for that Gem of yours....

            50 Gems = 1 scrap
            100 Gems = 2 scrap
            150 Gems = 3 scraps
            200 Gems = 4 scraps
            400 Gems = 6 scraps
            600 Gems = 8 scraps
            800 Gems = 10 scraps
            1000 Gems = 12 scraps

            All normal trading cards = 22 Gems
            Foil card = 400 gems
            Backgrounds pics =60-100 Gems