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6 hours ago

      Halloween Spells has applied to all Souls which I selling here. They are Voices Spells which worth more than 2 keys each. Like Heavy's Bottomless Bass has aplied to a Heavy Soul, Sniper's Deep Downunder Drawl to a Sniper Soul, etc

      Any one Soul - 1 key

      You could send me trade offer

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      Hello there pro trader. I will buy off you as many souls with spells applied to them for 2 refined each as you can sell.
      Waiting for offer, if I will not get any in next 24 hours, waiting for 'Excuse me dear sir I'm fucking retard who have no idea what he talking about, I'm so sorry'

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      I didn't see the spells till after I typed this message

      Yea right, you have time to screaming 'scams' but no time to read trade notes where 2 first words bolded and said 'halloween spells'