2 days ago
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                                HELLO. I am currently without Steam Guard due to a damaged phone, but once I get it back... LET ME BUY YOUR HATS! The only requirements are it has to be VINTAGE, LEVEL 67, and of the hats LISTED ABOVE.
                                ONLY ONLY OOOOOOOOOONLY LEVEL 67 <=====
                                Not 69. Not 100. Not 0. Sixty-seven.
                                I'm willing to pay at least 3.33 refined MORE THAN pricing for each level 67 vintage hat. I prefer unpainted but depending on rarity of the hat in the level I want, I will add metal for the paint.
                                I have bptf premium, meaning I can search users that have these hats with my desired level. However, any additional help and/or convincing is GREATLY appreciated.

                                If this trade is open, I have the metal/keys for at least ONE of the LISTED ABOVE hats.
                                I'll offer metal, keys, or even a replacement of your vintage hat with either a high-tier paint or an extra sum of refined metal!

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