17 minutes ago
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                              HI THERE. PLEASE FUCKING READ IF INTERESTED.
                              Is your hat VINTAGE? Is it one of those hats up there? If you answered no to either of them, this trade is not for you.
                              I'm willing to pay at least 4 refined MORE THAN for any level 67 vintage version of one of the hats above. I prefer unpainted, but depending on rarity of the hat in the level I want, I will add metal for the paint. // Я куплю вам одну из моих шляп и четыре чистых металла для одной и той же шляпы, кроме 67-го уровня. Я предпочитаю без краски, но если это достаточно редко, я заплачу ту часть.

                              Do not offer anything else. Не предлагайте ничего другого.

                              This trade is more stable than my last relationship. haHAA

                              If this trade is open, I have the metal/keys for at least ONE of the LISTED ABOVE hats.
                              I'll offer metal, keys, or even a replacement of your vintage hat with either a high-tier paint or an extra sum of refined metal!

                              Replacements available:
                              Modest Pile of Hat
                              Ritzy Rick's Hair Fixative
                              Shooter's Sola Topi
                              Vintage Merryweather
                              Soldier's Stash (level 42)
                              Otolaryngologist's Mirror (tradable on Christmas Eve)
                              Batter's Helmet

                              Representative of the Songs of the Wild