27 minutes ago

          Would you like to craft hats ingame, but don't have a good source of metal? Or maybe your just some metal short for a trade? Then this would be right up your alley! I'm Selling metal for crowns from Spiral Knights. Crowns are easy enough to gather and the game is free.

          2300 crowns per scrap.
          For reference:
          Scrap: 2300 crowns
          Reclaimed: 6900 crowns
          Refined: 20700 crowns
          Price lowered as of the 3rd of July

          If I'm not online for this trade, send me an offer here!


          Well I'm not sure how familiar you are with the SK market, but right now AH is showing a decrease in value of crowns as Energy costs are currently as low as possible (assuming there is no energy generated from purchases with real money). Also, I'd like to spin a profit once I sell out all of my TF2 stuff.

          Early-game SK is very generous with crown dispensing with the early missions being a few floors long and granting several thousands of crowns per run. Same with T1-T2 arcade runs. Of course, it will not equal Vana-run-levels of crown rewards, but it's still pretty decent.

          If newer players of TF2 want to make metal faster than waiting for weekly drops, then they can download SK to make metal at a faster rate.


          if the crowns are easy to gather (for high levels only, i have played this game alot), then why are you charging alot for one scrap? it should be at most 2000 crowns