The OG Troller S> flip knife

31 minutes ago

                                        Selling 15 unusuals: Prices: if not sure add me, if not send me trade offer!!!

                                        Pure is mostly desired, item overpay, unusual offers, and aussie offers acceptable, dota 2 arcanas and csgo kinves and or skins acceptable.

                                        Unusual offer is best, I Do downgrade But i dont Upgrade unusuals.
                                        Item overpay must be (30-50% more, depending on the amount of items and what kind of items they are. Max 10 items) Parts, paints, and spells do not count!!!

                                        Please use trade offer if its quick-buyout or a simple offer.

                                        Add if nagoatiation is needed, and or not sure of unusual details, etc. (Also leave comment)

                                        Please do not low ball, or a insta decline and maybe a block!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

                                        Prices: Trade offer here