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12 minutes ago

                  Okay, lets's try this again, now that some time has passed...

                  I've been holding onto these Katowice 2014 stickers for a while now... I'm just gonna poke them out here and see what kind of offers are possible

                  Any discussions or offers involving these should be done here on this trade page, do not add me to do either one

                  Please use trade offers when possible, I don't like people adding me unnecessarily

                  I also accept cheese as valid offers
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                  🎃 §єя℘єитιиє ✠

                  Yo, so, I got this thing. FT with a (arguably) worse effect is currently unsold on the community market at $172, this is MW and a pretty good effect. I was thinking.. maybe the 2 Reason stickers for it? (they're about $83 each, so that'd be $166, overpay by FT prices)

                  Any chance you'd be interested?