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15 minutes ago

                  Okay, lets's try this again, now that some time has passed...

                  I've been holding onto these Katowice 2014 stickers for a while now... I'm just gonna poke them out here and see what kind of offers are possible

                  I'm going to make one thing clear: NO CS:GO OFFERS, PERIOD. I don't care what kind of special AK-47, AWP or whatever gun you might have, I don't want it

                  Any discussions or offers involving these should be done here on this trade page, do not add me to do either one

                  Please use trade offers when possible, I don't like people adding me unnecessarily

                  I also accept cheese as valid offers

                  §erpentine ✠ |

                  Yo, so, I got this thing. FT with a (arguably) worse effect is currently unsold on the community market at $172, this is MW and a pretty good effect. I was thinking.. maybe the 2 Reason stickers for it? (they're about $83 each, so that'd be $166, overpay by FT prices)

                  Any chance you'd be interested?