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                                                      Selling a few things every hat/taunt/ham thing I have in my inventory for prices listed below.
                                                      I am NOT accepting anything other than what I have listed. Pure or craft hats ONLY.

                                                      Engineer's Cap: 1.33 ref OR craft hat
                                                      Surgical Survivalist: 3.33 ref
                                                      Lone Star: 2 ref
                                                      Airdog: 3 ref
                                                      Brutal Bouffant: SOLD
                                                      Skullcracker Taunt: SOLD
                                                      Secret Saxton: 1.66 ref
                                                      G. Ham Shank: 3.33 ref
                                                      Cross-Comm Express: 3.33 ref
                                                      Antarctic Researcher: SOLD
                                                      Wet Works: 1.33 ref OR craft hat
                                                      S. Phlogistinator with Exorcism spell: SOLD
                                                      V. Foster's Facade: 3.33 ref
                                                      V. Stockbroker's Scarf: 1.66 ref
                                                      Attendant: 1.44 ref
                                                      Rancho Relaxo: SOLD
                                                      G. Wilson Weave: 3 ref
                                                      Meet the Medic Taunt: 4.33 ref
                                                      Dillinger's Duffel: 1.66 ref
                                                      Fed-Fightin' Fedora: 1.66
                                                      Oblooterated Taunt: 6 ref
                                                      Deep Fried Desire: 4.66 ref
                                                      Human Cannonball: 1.66
                                                      Dragonborn Helmet: SOLD
                                                      Sole Mate: 1.66
                                                      Rogue's Col Roule: 1.66 ref
                                                      Frickin' Sweet Ninja Hood: 2.33 ref
                                                      Scout Class Token: 2 scrap
                                                      Tatrantaloons: 3 ref

                                                      Alternatively, you can buy hats in bulk (in this case, 3+ hats) and receive a 2 scrap discount - per hat!

                                                      Prices are firm, DO NOT ADD ME, use trade offers.

                                                      play factorio. trust me, you'll enjoy it.
                                                      This trade is closed.