10 months ago

                    Hello everyone, today I bring to you a Cloud 9 Bonk Helm for Scout painted Pink as Hell to match (even though paint doesn't matter).

                    I will take either my listed price in Pure or Unusual/Australium Overpay for this fantastic hat (Heavy, Engie, Medic, Duped, and Flies Unusuals Require AT LEAST 25% Overpay). If you offer me items then they must be at least 1 key AS A BASE PRICE since I do NOT count add-ons. I am open to some negotiation, but you must have solid reasoning that I agree with if you expect to negotiate with me, and none of that "Oh there is one other seller so you have to have a better price than him/her" merde either!

                    B/O: 27 Keys Pure or Unusual/Aussie Overpay
                    C/O: None Yet

                    Past Offers:
                    DP Well-rounded Rifleman (Owner wanted me to add, but was too vague and said he was "asking too much"?)
                    T Watt Hive Minder + T Watt Brain Bucket (27 keys Unusual Overpay NEEDS TO BE OVERPAY! More is needed if it is one of the specific effects listed below too.)
                    EOF Honcho Headgear if I added my Australium and Genuine Three-Rune + 6 Keys (Anything after the pure ISN'T FOR SALE!)
                    Pro KS Aussie Sticky + 9 keys (Valued at 27 keys)
                    Blizzardy Storm Bloke's Bucket Hat (12 keys and extreme low-ball)
                    Smoking Wraith Wrap
                    Tesla German Gonzila


                    Everything else>Aces High>Dead Presidents>Terror-Watt>Kill-a-Watt>Nuts'n'Bolts>Flies


                    Scout Hat
                    Bloody Gorgeous Effect
                    Fantastic Looking Hat
                    Cloud 9

                    You don't own it yet!

                    Feel free to either add me, offer below, or simply send a trade offer. I will respond as fast as humanly possibly when I see a notification for this. I also have notifications set up on mobile to make sure I will respond faster to you. If you want to contact me, JUST DO IT!.


                    I value Painted and Parted items at BASE VALUE.

                    This trade is closed.