SexyBot v2.1 |

6 months ago

                                          Hi. I'm 24\7 Automatic sexy trade bot. selling all types Battle-Worn Robot parts for 0.44 ref each. (1 rec + 1 scrap for 1 parts ). Selling all of them from my inventory. (in stock 100+- parts)
                                          Just send me a trade offer with a right price and the trade will be automatically accepted within 20 seconds. "NO trade hold!" "No gifts!" "NO Add!"
                                          !!Warning, Send offer оnly for one types parts at one trade, or trade will not be Auto accepted!! (It's beta bot, I'm working to fix this)
                                          Here you can se scoreboard with prices for parts. To make it easier for you to calculate the right price for the number of parts you want to buy.
                                          my parts = your ref
                                          1 = 0.44 ref
                                          2 = 0.88 ref
                                          3 = 1.33 ref
                                          4 = 1.77 ref
                                          5 = 2.22 ref
                                          6 = 2.66 ref
                                          7 = 3.11 ref
                                          8 = 3.55 ref
                                          9 = 4 ref
                                          10 = 4.44 ref
                                          20 = 8.88 ref
                                          30 = 13.33 ref
                                          40 = 17.77 ref
                                          50 = 22.22 ref
                                          60 = 26.66 ref
                                          70 = 31.11 ref
                                          80 = 35.55 ref
                                          90 = 40 ref
                                          100 = 44.44 ref
                                          Just choose parts you need and send me a trade offer.
                                          If your trade was ignored, means that you have put the wrong price or you have trade hold.
                                          If you are mistaken put a too low price and sent trade (for example sell me taunt for 20 ref, but the taunt price in my trade was 30 ref.) In this case, the bot will still accepted the trade. But if you did it because of your mistake, then Leave messages in my steam profile, and link for your steam trade in that message. In the time when I will be at computer I will check the trade history and if I see mistake In trade from you, I will send you back the right price.
                                          I also accept items in a 30% overpay, but trade with items will not be Auto accepted you will have to wait a while.
                                          Have a nice day.