10 months ago

                Allow me to paint a nice picture for you. Picture yourself, or your character in this case, looking all bland and dull; something about the appearance seems off and you just can't quite put your finger on it. Suddenly you realise the issue is that you're missing some fancy painted cosmetics to take that bland look up to another level of Fabulousness. Today's you're lucky day, because I've got some of those items right here for you! Best part is that they aren't full-priced, I don't even count the full value of the paint on them. :)

                Their prices are below:

                Gold Bonk Batter's Backup
                B/O: 7 ref (Normally would be close to ~12 ref with half paint value)

                Olive Robot Chicken Hat
                B/O: 5.33 ref (Normally would be closer to ~8 ref with half paint value)

                I will take either the price listed in pure or item overpay, but if items are offered let it be known that I will NOT count any paints, parts, skins, killstreaks, spells, etc. applied to the items, and they will be taken at base value.

                Feel free to offer below, add me, or send a trade offer. I look forward to trading you and have a good day. :)

                P.S. Below I attached some links to help you see what they look like painted ;)

                Gold Bonk Batter's Backup

                Olive Robot Chicken Hat Normal

                Olive Robot Chicken Hat Beakless


                I value Painted and Parted items at BASE VALUE.

                This trade is closed.