10 months ago
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        Have I got something for you today ;). This here is the 13th Tipped Lid to be introduced into TF2 EVER, and it's a part of history.

        This hat was created for the Tip of the Hats Charity way back in 2014, and was added in the Breadtastic Love and War Update. Best part of all, it's good ol' Number 13 and all class!

        B/O: 13 Keys Pure or Item Overpay ;)
        C/O: 4 Keys

        IMPORTANT: If items are offered, be aware that I will NOT add any value whatsoever for anything on the items, whether it's a Glitched Item, Paint, Strange Part(s), Spell(s), or anything else that falls under that umbrella, but Killstreaks will add value depending on the circumstances. I will also base the item prices off of any current suggestions/lowest sellers in the current market :)

        Past Offers:
        2 Keys
        2 Keys + Blood Minigun

        Feel free to offer below, add me, or send a trade offer. :)

        Btw if you're one of those people who either don't read the notes or send troll offers, be prepared.


        I value Painted and Parted items at BASE VALUE.

        This trade is closed.